Table R1. Economic Burden Results, in $ millions
Table 2.1. Results from the current and three previous burden estimates
Table 3.1. Prevalence of Visual Loss, 2005–2008 NHANES
Table 3.2. Prevalent Population with Visual Loss, 2005–2008 NHANES
Table 3.3. Treated Prevalence of Vision Diagnoses, 2003–2008 MEPS
Table 3.4. Treated Prevalent Population in Thousands, 2003–2008 MEPS,
Table 4.1. Medical Costs Attributable to Diagnosed Disorders
Table 4.2. Medical Costs Attributable to Undiagnosed Visual Loss
Table 5.1. Optometry Visit Costs
Table 5.2. Medical Vision Aid Costs
Table 6.1. Total Medical Costs by Disorder, in $ millions
Table 6.2. Per-person Medical Costs by Disorder
Table 7.1. Preschool Screening Costs, by State
Table 7.2. School Screening Costs, by State
Table 8.1. Budgetary Cost of American Printing House for the Blind
Table 8.2. Budgetary Cost of National Library Services for the Blind
Table 9.1. Cost of Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired, per Individual
Table 9.2. Cost of Dog Guides for the Blind
Table 10.1. Number of Children Registered to Receive APH Services in 2010
Table 10.2. Cost for special education for the blind, 2013
Table 11.1. Budgetary Cost of Supplemental Security Income for the Blind
Table 11.2. Cost of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for the Blind
Table 11.3. Cost of Social Security Disability Insurance for the Blind
Table 11.4. Budgetary Cost of the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind
Table 11.5. Tax Losses Resulting from Deductions for Blind Individuals
Table 11.6. Deadweight Loss from Federal Transfer Payments
Table 12.1. Productivity Losses
Table 12.2. Productivity Losses Resulting from Informal Care
Table 13.1. Nursing Home Cost Estimates
Table 13.2. Medical Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Estimates
Table 14.1. Disability Weights from 2010 Global Burden of Disease Project
Table 14.2. DALY Losses and Monetized Value of DALYs in $ millions
Table 14.3. Literature Values of Utility Costs of Visual Loss
Table 14.4. Utility Losses by Better-seeing Eye Acuity used in Analysis, Brown et al 2003
Table 14.5. QALY Losses and Monetized Value of QALYs in $ millions
Table 15.1. Economic burden estimates by cost category and age group, in $ millions
Table 15.2. Economic burden estimates by cost category and payer, in $ millions
Table 15.3. Economic burden estimates by State, in $ millions
Table 16.1. Impact on Overall Burden of Variation in Individual Parameters, total burden in $ billions
Table 17.1. PSA Values, Beta Distribution Parameters
Table 17.2. PSA Values, Normal Distribution Parameters
Table 17.3. PSA Values, Lognormal Distribution Parameters
Table 17.4. PSA Results, Costs, and 95% Credible Intervals by Cost Component
Table 18.1. Comparing results between the 2007 and 2013 PBA estimates