We estimate the total economic burden of eye disorders and vision loss to be $139 billion, based on the 2011 U.S. population in 2013 dollars. We estimate that uncorrectable vision loss resulted in a social burden of 283,000 disability adjusted life years (DALYs) lost. We do not include a monetary value for DALYs lost in the primary burden estimate. If we had assumed a value of $50,000 per DALY, the economic burden would increase by $14 billion to a total of $153 billion.

Direct and Indirect Cost of Vision Problems by Age Group (in $ billions)

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Costs in $ billions Age 0-17 Age 18-39 Age 40-64 Age 65+ All ages
Direct Costs 5.09 9.09 22.25 30.33 66.75
Indirect Costs .65 13.08 11.55 46.94 72.22
Total Costs 5.74 22.17 33.8 77.27 138.97


Table R1. Economic Burden Results, in $ Millions

Economic Burden Results, in $ Millions